Second hand Luxury Cars

The reason buyers look for a luxury cars is to ensure that travelling is as enjoyable and comfortable an experience as possible. Luxury cars should also look to offer favourable leg and headroom, ride smoothness and excellent performance and unrivalled levels of interior equipment, basically equivalent to riding in first class. I have compiled a list of 4 cars which do exactly that.

The Audi A8 is a truly impressive car and comes loaded with a host of technology to make the driving experience as seamless as possible. The Audi Drive Select system allows the driver to tweet the steering, suspension and gearbox to make it either sportier or more comfortable. The interior is finished in the highest-grade materials and logically laid out and easy to use. The Audi can be fun to drive when it want it to be but there are more exciting cars to drive in this class and the car also comes with a big price tag.

The Second Hand Jaguar XJ is a real beauty and in my opinion is the most stylish car in the class and has a very luxurious interior not just its look it also offers power and sporty performance too. It’s not quite as enjoyable to drive as the Second Hand BMW 7 series or as comfortable as the Second Hand Mercedes-Benz S Class but it has more personality than both I feel. The only downside I can really pick on is like most luxury cars the price tag is high and that the rear headroom is limited.

Next to make the list in the Second Hand BMW 5 Series GT, this car offers the space of the 7 series but the dynamics of a 5 series, although it doesn’t seem to offer as much boot space as the saloon type, it does offer fantastic comfort and a commanding view of the road. This car does however, come with a few cons that I’ve picked up on including an awkward styling, as expected expensive price tag and is also difficult to manoeuvre.

Lexus LS offers a tremendous amount of passenger space and unrivalled comfort. The LS comes loaded with impressive equipment and is an extremely reliable vehicle, it’s definitely one of the most luxurious Japanese Saloons around but the top model is expensive. The Lexus LS does have a few negatives such as poor resale values and poor economy, I feel there is definitely better in this class for the money.